Chaozu rice cake

I don’t know why the weather is so abnormal this year. It’s still so cold in May. It snowed a few days ago. As soon as the snow stopped, the rain began to run wild.. It rained for three days last week, and this week’s weather forecast said it rained for four consecutive days, but today it is still medium to heavy rain..   The rain trickled down and pedestrians on the road were wearing umbrellas.. But you didn’t have an umbrella or a raincoat, standing alone under a thin pine tree. Can the tree keep out the rain? The head of the tree was so small that the sparse pine needles shook in the rain without a trace of life.. You watch the tricycle, the light blue paint has already mottled, revealing the vicissitudes of life and the heavy atmosphere. There is a glass box on the tricycle. The side of the box facing the pedestrian bears the red imitation song’ Chaozu Rice Cake’.     What is the Korean rice cake? A special food for ethnic minorities? Is it good?? How to sell??     Yesterday, it was sunny and windy. I saw you at the door of a house. The day before yesterday, when the wind was stronger, I remember you were in the open space between the three and four houses. I happened to see two girls standing beside the tricycle when I passed by. I don’t know if they finally bought or didn’t buy it.. The day before yesterday evening, at the T – junction on the west side of the stadium, you stood behind the tricycle in a somewhat solemn and respectful way under the dim light … ah, you kept changing places, but few visitors did. Only you and your Korean family can stand alone and wait quietly in memory.     Every time I pass by, I will look at you a few more eyes, and then make a guess at you for no reason. Look at your wrinkled face and grizzled hair. You must be in your sixties! More than 60 years old should be a full age of children and grandchildren. Why do you still sell things? be tired of doing nothing? Idle boredom is not worth selling in the rain. You should say nothing about it again. Family difficulties? Children are unfilial? Sudden change? How to sell Korean rice cakes? Press? According to jin? How much?? How old can you sell in a day? How much can I earn? I don’t know the answer, but the painted tricycle is silently telling me the helplessness of life.     I’m all walking on the other side of the road opposite to you. I dare not approach, for fear that you will sell me your Korean rice cake. I should be able to afford it, but I am not willing to buy it. I am one of the poorest students in this school and one of the most thrifty students. I am not willing to spend a penny at random.. I’m sorry, I can’t patronize your cake stand. I can only look at you from a distance, cheer for you and wish you good luck.     Although I did not dare to approach you, your bronzed skin makes me feel friendly, and the color has a strong appeal to me.. The long-lost bronze, once familiar, is the color of father’s skin, mother’s skin, western juwan’s skin, southern aunt’s skin, and the true color of farmers from generation to generation.! That’s the body-building color that only those who have been exposed to the sun for a long time are eligible to possess.! Year after year, generation after generation, precipitation, accumulation.     I realized for the first time that the bronzing glare was in my senior year. I was in high school in the city and came home once in January. Once when I came home, my mother had not come back from the ground. I sat in the bride’s family for a while. In the afterglow of the sunset, she greeted me with a smile. Her bronzed face was deeply imprinted on my mind from then on.. I had a sour nose and almost cried. Then look at the surrounding courtyard, inexplicably looks dilapidated.     Although it is farther and farther from home, and farther and farther from the sun, although the soil breath has been washed away by the city civilization, there are few left.. But I am still a farmer. My ancestral home is always a small village in southern Shandong. I am bleeding from farmers, bronzed in my genes and in my dreams.     By rights, small vendors are not allowed to sell in schools.I don’t know why the security guard didn’t come to catch you. I have seen them rush to sell sugar-coated haws, but those who sell sugar-coated haws are cheekily playing hide-and-seek with them.. Did they have compassion for you?     By rights, in the face of so many students with super spending power, your Korean rice cake should be sold well. Every time I see someone selling sugar-coated haws, I always buy sugar-coated haws around him. Why do I see you stand alone every time I see you? Cake making is not famous? It doesn’t taste good? Why are you so rigid, shouting, not fooling again, no one will dispute with you over a few pieces of cake.     Look at you standing in the rain. I thought it wasn’t raining much, so I put the umbrella down, but after contacting with a few raindrops, I quickly propped up the umbrella again.. Why not? I don’t know how long you’ve been standing, you must be soaked. Go home, one thousand gonorrhea is not cost – effective.     I don’t know why the weather is so abnormal this year. It’s still so cold in May. It snowed a few days ago. As soon as the snow stopped, the rain began to run wild.. It rained for three days last week, and this week’s weather forecast said it rained for four consecutive days, but today it is still medium to heavy rain.. This is spring, spring rain should have been as expensive as oil. How good are you going to be in the arid area, why bother you here.     I came back from the canteen to see you still standing there, standing straight. You’ve always been in that position, aren’t you tired? I felt tired after standing on the bus for half an hour. Why don’t you sit on the tricycle and lean on the handlebar to relax. I guess you’ve been a soldier and you’ve been on a post. Why don’t you stand so straight and stick to it for so long??     At three o’clock in the afternoon, when the rain was still falling, I came out of the dormitory building and saw the Korean cakes in your glass cabinet as if they were always so few pieces, never increasing or decreasing.. Did you have lunch?? You don’t know when you have put on your raincoat and still stand under the tree, alone, like a sculpture. Why don’t you go back first today. Originally, business was not good, and the weather was not good today. Who will buy your Korean rice cake? The colorful umbrellas are moving fast. Under them are people in a hurry. They don’t even look at you.. Don’t put water in the glass box with the cake. Go back and come back tomorrow.     The rain is still falling, and it has changed from falling to rushing. It looks like my tutor today has fallen through again.. This rain is really hateful. It is the third time in two weeks that I have been delayed in my work..[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]