Affection, a ray of warm sunshine

What makes life feel warmer than kinship, how many years of ups and downs is that kinship dries tears that will hurt the heart, and kinship makes life feel unfamiliar and fearful wherever it lives. Affection is a kind of power and a ray of warm sunshine.   The words written earlier this summer seem to have come earlier than in previous years. At the beginning of Xia Zhishi, the temperature was already very high. Sitting in the hall and letting the electric fan rotate constantly is enough to dissipate the hot air.   A little bit of cool wind was transmitted from the rotating electric fan and scattered in the hall, also gradually dispersing my inner irritability caused by the heat.. I reclined on the sofa, holding a book in my hand to participate in the midnight epiphyllum bill, allowing my heart to soak in beautiful, delicate and warm words.   May be too tired, heart too tired; Perhaps it was too hot and the words didn’t make me perk up. The Tao is that the wind makes the tired body feel a little comfortable, and soon I fell asleep on the sofa of these three people.   In a daze, hazy, I feel a figure coming. The short one is not the shadow of his wife.. He gently covered me with a sheet in his small hand. The sheets were very large and the people were too small. They probably didn’t cover all of a sudden and fell on the floor.. He struggled to cover me again, then tied the sheets to cover my stomach and feet, took my hand inside the sheets, and stood and watched for a while to leave.   In fact, when he covered me with a quilt for the second time, I had already seen the child who covered me with a quilt. He was my son under the age of seven. The whole process of his son’s quilt cover is the same as what I did for him when he slept in the past, even the sequential process is not bad at all.. At that moment, I was very excited and my heart was completely flooded by a stream of affection from Wang..   On weekdays, only I covered him with quilt. Every time I sleep, I cover him with a quilt and say to him, ” Son, don’t expose your feet to the outside while you sleep, but let the cold enter from your feet.”. Cover your stomach with a quilt, especially your belly eye, and put your hands in the quilt. Son always said coquetry: ” Dad, you have said it many times, I know.”. The voice of ” Ba” and ” I know” is very long and long, and then it should be added: ” Dad kiss me, don’t forget to ask Mom to kiss me later.”. I kissed his face and said’ good night’ before his son went to sleep quietly. The strong affection cannot be expressed. The love between father and son spreads in my heart and warms my whole body, melting into a kind of emotion that ripples in my heart..   For my son, I don’t have much time to accompany him. Every day is a rush to walk between home and work, and my wife has said me several times. But what can I do? I have to travel to support my family. Just every time I get along with my son, I either use words to express my love for him, or use detailed actions to let him realize that his father loves him very much.. I kissed my son’s face with my mouth and gently pricked his smiling face with my beard. My son and I play chess together and build blocks together. Every time my son is very happy. A communication, a play, the family is thick. As for bathing, washing and washing his son’s feet, I don’t know how many times I have done it. Perhaps it was at those times that love spread little by little to his son, assimilating and edifying his soul. Today, his son is giving back to me in the same way..   Who said that in today’s economic boom, in today’s desire to fly, family ties have long been lost? I believe that as long as we have sown the seeds of love, we will one day produce brilliant flowers. My son, who is not yet seven years old, has learned to be considerate and concerned about others and to put himself in the shoes of others. I am very glad that my efforts have not been in vain..   Nine years ago, on that snowy day, I lost a family bond. Today, I cherish this feeling between our father and son. Perhaps those hearts that have not been hurt will never know how to cherish this affection and put it on hold at will to let it sigh and weep in the dust..   Thanks to God, when I lost a family, I gave me a son who would love his father after I suffered so much. Thanks to my wife, she has inherited the continuation of incense, love and affection for me while my heart is suffering in every way..   Today at noon, my son gently covered the quilt for such an adult as me – his father. I saw the love continuing and the affection shining brightly.. There are ten million kinds of feelings in this world, but only affection is the greatest and most selfless. Affection is sunshine. In the uncertain days of rain and shine and in the uncertain years of blessing and disaster, it will disperse the dark clouds in our hearts with light and warmth, so as to revive life, see hope and see a better tomorrow..   Today’s noon affection is like a soft melody, slowly flowing into my heart and plucking my heart strings.