A blessing for being late for Father’s Day

The earth revolves around the sun, and it takes another year to complete a circle..     Always in such unknowingly, time passes by like running water, and in the blink of an eye things change into stars. Day after day, year after year, many special days, many special festivals are quietly welcomed and hurried away in our hopes, excitement, nostalgia and aftertaste, feeling that there are still some words, some things still remain in our hearts, repeating and speaking again and again, and finally written here.     The past June 21 is Father’s Day. Every year on this day, I didn’t celebrate my father ceremoniously. I didn’t offer him expensive gifts like other children, or take him to dinner or travel. I didn’t. Although I wanted to, my father probably felt that I didn’t have the ability, so he always said, ” I don’t need anything.” At last, I agreed with him and formed the same habit as his father, so every Father’s Day I only said, ” Dad, Dad, I don’t need anything.”! I didn’t give anything to him except this sentence. although I know in my heart that my father said this because he was too kind and thrifty, I was also stingy enough. how stingy I was to celebrate his festival for my father. in fact, my heart was very ashamed and I always felt guilty..     I’m not generous enough. I don’t look like my father at this point. Since childhood, my father has been doing everything he can to meet my needs, large and small. Although the family environment is not good, he is willing to give up to me. In my memory, my father hardly said ” no” to me.. When I was only a few years old, my father accidentally saw me playing in other children’s home. The child had an organ in his home. Perhaps his father saw my eyes showing envy, so he took out the salary saved for a long time with his teeth and bought me an organ.. At that time, I played organ at home every day and pressed it at home every day, so my father often stood by me and watched me have a good time.. When I was a little older, that is, when costume dramas and fairy plays prevailed in the late 1980s, our children were particularly obsessed with the fairy headdress in the movie and the fluffy fairy stick used by the fairy. My father knew that my heart was good and soon made a fairy stick for me and bought me a beautiful play hat. I was extremely happy. I wore it all day and waved a replica fairy stick. Neighbors and children around me admired me very much. They often asked me where my beautiful little hat and fairy stick came from, and I always said proudly, ” It was my father.”. Later, I went back to tell my father that his father smiled and I laughed more happily, and he touched my hair and said, ” Just like it.”. After going to school, my father is constantly buying me new clothes and bags . Ah, all my supplies, my father always thinks about buying me the best. My father’s point of view is that no matter how poor he is, he is willing to save food and drink for himself, that is, he is willing to spend money for me, and my youth and ignorance make me laugh at my father’s kindness and ask him for new clothes that I can’t wear in a year and fruits that are just too expensive to be delicious . Ah, I ask my father to answer me one by one, and I have many more expensive impressions.. But I only hurt my father to live very hard for me, and it is still difficult to get rid of the habit of wearing rags and old shirts, and hurt my father to live very shabby and embarrassed for me..     I owe my father a lot and a lot. I owe my father a lot of money, a lot of time, a lot of health, a lot of tears, a lot of spirit, and a lot of love … oh, too many things will be fresh in my life..     A few years ago, when I went north to study and work, I happened to be the coldest year in the north. My father and I were talking on the phone in a public telephone booth at the scheduled time. My father heard my cough on the phone and felt very uneasy and asked me questions again and again for fear that I had contracted atypical pneumonia, which was prevalent at that time.. I was about to leave work at noon the next day when I saw my father at the gate of the unit. He came to see me with thick cotton wool and my thick cotton-padded jacket. I was particularly moved. I remember that he almost burst into my father’s arms at that time, with joy and sorrow in his heart, because he only knew to think of me but did not know to take care of himself..     My father did not take care of himself. Another year passed quickly. The next winter, I still didn’t go home. I still stayed in the north waiting for the admission notice from the university. This winter was still bitterly cold. My father always reminded me by phone how many degrees below zero in the north, and remember to dress more and not catch a cold.. I know my father hasn’t seen me for almost a year. I miss me especially. I always tell my father that I am very well. I know to pay attention to health and don’t worry about me.. However, to my surprise, my father was still worried about visiting me again in the winter, but I have already moved to a place closer to the university and changed the place where I work, but in order not to let my father worry about my life in a foreign land, I didn’t tell him all this, but I was wrong, it was my whole life’s fault, because I didn’t tell him all this and hurt him not to find me in a distant foreign land, so I couldn’t bear to eat a bowl of hot rice for three days and two nights at the railway station in this cold and strange big city in the north.. If it weren’t for talking to my mother on the phone at the appointed time, I still didn’t know my father had come to find me in the north, I still didn’t know to find his father’s footprints, I still didn’t know to inquire about his father’s news, and I still don’t know how heartache his father should have at this time … ah, put the phone down and I went frantically looking for my father. I can’t imagine what kind of mood my father would not find me, but I’m sure it would be worse than I am.. Day or take care of me, I finally reluctantly went to the station to wait for the car to find my father in a different place, and suddenly heard a familiar call” Min Min”. I looked back and saw that it was my father, I called my father, and I was sad and happy to meet him, but my father walked quickly to my side with thick cotton wadding and cried. My father put down the cotton wadding he had brought me and hugged me in his arms, very excited. His mouth kept shouting my name, though it was already unclear … Ah, good half – day, my father loosened his hand and twitched and said to me: ” Min Min, I am not sure.! At that moment, I deeply felt so much helplessness and despair in my father’s heart. When my father couldn’t find me, he must feel lonely and helpless to the extreme. Looking at his tears and snot streaming down his wrinkled face, I only felt that my heart was like countless stitches, aching heart, and wet eyes didn’t dare to look up at his father again … Ah, up to now, these past events have passed for many years, but sometimes, especially when Father’s Day comes, my brain will naturally sort out the memories one by one and show them again, every time I look back, I still feel it.! I am very familiar with this sentence from my father’s mouth. he often said this to me, but considering that he is now in such poor health and the old man who has been invited to the hospital by the doctor for three or five times is still taking care of his family diligently, I really want to say to my father, ” dad, I’m sorry.”. I know my father is very reluctant to listen to me say sorry to him. he thinks I am not sorry to him, but this is what I wanted to say a long time ago.. I also want to say to my father, ” Dad, I know you’ve been working very hard all the time, especially since last year, you haven’t slept a good night in order to take care of me and my baby, and you can’t rest during the day, and you are busy every day. At this age, you can’t rest and worry about me and my baby. I want to say to you here on behalf of me and my baby, thank you.”. I want to thank you, in fact, no matter in words or in words, I think it will never be enough. It is you who brought me to know life and let me enjoy the colorful world. When I am thousands of miles away, when I walk heavily, I always think of your eyes, and you give me strength all the time. No matter whether I take a small step or a big step, I cannot do without your credit.. Now, I have finally become a mother myself. I will love my son as much as you love me, take care of him and teach him to grow up well. Please don’t worry about me and my son. I only hope you can live each day easily and happily.. Although today is not Father’s Day, nor is it a special day, I still want to send my blessing to you, wishing you health and happiness forever, no matter what special day or ordinary day, my blessing is all around you …[ Responsible Editor: Men’s Tree ]