Fifty – one, college time must be treasured

The son of a ten-year-old cold window has suddenly arrived at an adult with thoughts and burdens.. People, only in childhood, are naive and carefree, just like the starry sky and beautiful You Lan. In addition, as long as we understand some things, we will understand some human principles and establish a sense of responsibility psychologically.. With the increase of age, the responsibilities associated with society, family and their own lives become more prominent. Therefore, people are shouldering these responsibilities for a long life in this world.     Frankly speaking, mother appreciates you very much, just like appreciating a good work. Even the neighbors next door like you very much, and often praise you in front of your mother. She only needs to hear: Dr. Zhang, your sons are the wealth of your life.. At this moment, my mother’s heart was so glorious and so happy. Because you have so many shiny things on you, and so many things to learn and praise from your mother.. Your greatest characteristic is kindness in heart and courtesy towards others. This kindness is innate. My mother believes that beginning of life is good in nature and good in later cultivation. Therefore, the world is burning like a sea in the hearts of the people, but it is a pure land in your hearts..     You fear nature, fear life and love. When you were young, you saw the adults kill chickens and ducks, and you both held on to prevent the adults from killing them, so every time we killed chickens and ducks, we had to avoid both of you.. On one occasion, our family changed a regular pork dish and bought a dog. The little guy liked dogs from an early age. When eating dog meat, you would ask where it was bought. When your mother told you to buy it in the vegetable market and kill it in the vegetable market, you were surprised and said, ” Ah.”! How dare you buy a live dog? ‘ I told you not to live but also to die? How can you eat the dead. You never dare to eat again. You respect all life, even trivial life. Your loveliness and your ignorance have also added a delicious dish to mom’s life..     Son, you should still cherish your college days. College life is like a book. Some people skim it, while others read it carefully. The university career will leave an indelible memory in one’s life, which is often one of the most impressive periods.. Many people especially miss their youth in college when they reach the middle and old age, so they often see old classmates returning to school after graduation for many years..     The years are running away. Only the truly precious things can leave a permanent mark in people’s hearts.. Perhaps, only after leaving university and working for many years can we truly realize that university life is the golden age of life. College is a time when students are young and energetic. They are in the company of youth and in high spirits. If they don’t know how to cherish it, they may regret it all their lives in the future..     University is a place where many teenagers from all over the world gather together to spend four years of youth. Compared with middle school, university study is much easier, the curriculum is relatively loose, the management is relaxed, and without parents around, it should be said that it is quite free. But universities should not be ” laissez – faire”. Time, catch is gold, put down becomes running water. It will always be useful in the future to learn freely, make full use of the conditions of the university’s well-stocked library, absorb knowledge and nutrition, and accumulate cultural capital.. Although the saying ” knowledge changes fate” is not as beautiful as it used to be, the saying ” knowledge is power” is an eternal truth..     My mother’s feelings are poured out to you, and you should appreciate them carefully. I hope you will walk out of college four years later and say with a clear conscience: I have not failed to live up to the careful cultivation of school teachers and the ardent expectations of my mother.!