Drunk cigarettes

Smoking is by no means a good thing. I think everyone who smokes knows it, not to mention the expense of smoking, but also has a great impact on his own health. Therefore, athletes do not smoke, smoking is not good, and smoking in the crowd is even worse. If it is hot weather, smoking in the crowd, sweat, acid, odor and smoke will really make people want to be evil.. However, if it is cold, the air in the room with the air conditioner turned on will not be smooth, and if smoke is added at this moment, it will be difficult to breathe, let alone comfortable feeling.. Moreover, some people are not good at comparing cigarettes as business cards on social occasions, while many young people are not good at smoking as their personality.. Although it is all sorts of bad things, why are there so many people who cannot bear to forsake it??     In fact, I also smoke, but I am not infatuated with or addicted to cigarettes.. I smoke, especially in a quiet environment, and there is a lonely place in the air. Although a cigarette at this time will not bring any warmth, my thoughts will be intoxicated with the drifting smoke, but it can make people feel particularly free and natural.. If there is another piece of music that is empty, it will be even more harmonious. The blue smoke is beating with the music, with melancholy, understanding, comfort and profoundness in the thread.. My thoughts are drifting away and I don’t even know how far it is. Smoke flows through the window lattice again and dissipates in the ethereal emptiness, passing through time and space, that song is free and that piece of freedom is really unbearable to forsake.. I think people who love cigarettes also don’t want to give up for this, do they.   I don’t advocate smoking, especially in the crowd, the impact is really bad. The reason is stated above, but in the lonely time, I am intoxicated with it. The wisp of smoke is not dust, but thoughts, blurred, quiet and hazy in the flashy world.. It is so, so, I don’t want to see the words that put love in the smoke.. If you crush your feelings into tobacco shreds and then die with Mars, the cigarette will change its flavor. There are too many beautiful things in Chinese poetry, songs, songs, music, chess, calligraphy and painting, but you can’t always write a word or a sincere one. In that case, why not exclude the cigarette and let it be more pure and blank??   What I would like to see more is the haze of smoke, the haze of smoke in the world of mortals, and everything will be confused and confused. rape, evil, ugliness and confusion will no longer be true in the haze, and virtue, goodness, beauty and truth will no longer be flashy.. As the world bathes in the fog of the hour, it is hazy that the man’s world is real and cruel, and people perfunctory life and reality. Relatively speaking, life and reality will also perfunctory people and just get lost in the smoke. This is a man’s weakness, but as long as it is a man, who is not vulnerable?? We advocate fortitude and self-improvement because of the loneliness, the loneliness and the fragility. No matter how strong a person is, he has a soft side. No matter how hypocritical he has a real moment, this is the time of vulnerability.. Smoke carries too many euphemisms for men, too many heartbreaks, too much loneliness, too much loneliness, and the more so, the more its light posture is infatuated and yearned for..