Darjeeling tea stuck dilemma: railway privatization delayed

Wait for the wind from the blue-chip, large data 300 refers to the group since June 15 on sale enter the phone number, the first time to notify and obtain buy Raiders?Name obtain free phone number verification code verification code to determine Congratulations on your appointment success! Before the sale of the product we will notify you SMS, please be patient。 Market risk, the investment need to be cautious Fang Xiangming located south of the Himalayas, northeast India Darjeeling (Darjeeling) because of the rich and famous black tea, with an average altitude of 2,000 meters in the mountains around the tea garden, highland foggy climate here gives black tea aroma and charm, people flock to the world's love of tea。  However, the lack of efficient logistics and local infrastructure, a deadly link Darjeeling tea sold facing。  Opened 100 years of "toy train" Banerjee (RajahBanerjee) is the owner of Darjeeling tea region Ma Kaba force (Makaibari), the site shows tea, tea most expensive a price of $ 400 / kg, the prices are remaining 60?US $ 100 / kg, about。Last year, the Park production of black tea was once sold for $ 2,000 / kg high prices become one of India's most expensive tea。  "Tea and wine, the need to breathe oxygen。"Banerjee does not like boiling water to make tea, and years of experience into their own philosophy。Ma Kaba force in mid-1859 completion of tea is India's first large-scale tea factory, tea factory Banerjee is already the fourth generation heir。  For many years the use of permaculture (sustainable production does not deplete resources) cropping patterns Ma Kaba force is more like a subtropical forest biodiversity。Because of worries about production, Banerjee began to put more energy into the tea business, of which an important part is the logistics。  Opened to traffic in 1881 Himalayan Railway is one of the earliest Indian Railways, a total length of 86 kilometers of track connecting Darjeeling and New Jalpaiguri, altitude span 100 meters to 2200 meters。In the car it was so jubilant locals steam train carriage 4 hundred years a large number of tea shipped to the foot of the mountain, and then transported to the rest of the world through the port in Bangladesh。  But the problem is, one hundred years later, when an impressive transportation system is now far behind the needs of the times, but the government seems to have overlooked the railway, did not invest in upgrading Darjeeling railway therefore nothing select continue tenacious work。  Mid-1999, Darjeeling Himalayan Railway was inscribed on the World Heritage List。Today, nicknamed the "Toy Train" (ToyTrains) of the steam front is still roaring ahead on 61 cm of the tracks, it is another important feature for visitors to glimpse a symbol of industrialization era of British India。  Travel between Darjeeling and near the town of Gum (Ghum) for some 7 kilometers steam railway is an important development for the local experience of tourism projects。  "I can invest, but the government does not allow," "do not invest in (railway), then have tea Ma Kaba force to close down, but once you have invested, the tourism industry will be driven up, the entire community will benefit。"Banerjee showed a more forward-looking vision than our ancestors," I can invest, but the government does not allow。"This appears in the museum of the steam train appeared to be inadequate in a hundred years after the operation, along with the already small number of technicians getting retired or passed away, a lot of old machines and tools inside the train no one knows how to use and maintain, the old train each whistle is like a laborious among themselves。  Now, the old train no routine maintenance, emergency repairs only when there is a problem, it may be someday, once the key components disrepair, old train mileage will eventually Huashangjuhao。  Even so, the New Delhi government Railroad Commission has always been reluctant to open investment Banerjee, who depend on improved rail logistics。Locals believe the reason is very simple, do not want the government to privatize state-owned railway opened precedent assume any political risk。  According to reports, India has more than one million people work in the railway system, they are strongly opposed to privatization of railways。In other words, the Indian government would rather "toy train" because of old age disrepair do intend to walk, do not want to open private investment, in the moment Modi government's commitment to reform, it seems out of place。  India's main tea-producing areas are concentrated in Assam (Assam), Darjeeling, Dua Wales (Dooars) and Nilgiris (Nilgiris), there are about 350 million people in more than 1,500 tea plantation in the relevant jobs。Data show that exports of Indian tea from 12% in 2013 to 2014, global tea exports。2014 gross annual tea export more than 6.$ 400 million, the annual output of Darjeeling tea though only about 10,000 tons, but due to favorable market, prices soared, income plays an important role in India's tea。