Do not bother others, or will go away

For others this trouble, I should have done much.This may be related with the environment, because a child in the countryside, the family also have very little trouble others, because a little bit of trouble, soon spread throughout the village, so Mom and Dad rarely bother others.  Since I fall, this point is more know, I know, it is best to independence, and strive upward.    Yesterday line under a friend to me, and asked me if he’s okay projects, he means that he is now the phone has 150 friends, one by one visit in the past, each friend to help him introduce a friend to buy like five, like this at least a year he earns two million of.  I say, or do not do such a thing, in general very difficult.Venture certainly not as we thought it would be ideal brain.    I did not say too thoroughly, but also afraid to really hit him, because his business for four years, and now has no income.  I just kept thinking, emotion is emotional, friendship is friendship, you will want linked with interest, maybe people will look on your face a little help so what next, but more emotional, most of the friends, will also have away from you a.  Look around us do direct sales, insurance do know, though they are true, but human nature is disgusted with these.    I think the last time a lot of people will think of a paper sent to the group and let others help the top.But he was never someone else’s roof.  I would suggest a slightly lower.I said, you like this is not enough.  Like this do more than a few times, maybe even later someone else your text will not be seen again.  Why, because we all know the top and white top, just get the money and let the water go, like rivers, never came back to.    Of course, if you just like this better.The most terrible people, we later see you are afraid of the face.Not to mention there is a problem will help you, it is impossible to be sure.Why, because they are afraid to talk to you, would you let them top text.  Few people can eat insisted nothing to do, so we can not easily go to trouble others.  Trouble others, we must think of giving a greater return on the job.    A lot of people see my words back relatively more people, but they are not seen me every day how many people back.  Because everyone is not a fool, you do not someone else, how to help others How about you.  This feeling is not thick, and let people top article several times, what was depleted, the lifetime does not come back up.    The group had a friend join me from the first training to now, more than three years, we have been very good.  For example, every time I let him buy space, you need 100, I’ll give him a direct hit 150, the next thing to do to help, others need 20, to take him at least 50.Maybe seemingly is our loss, but the fact is I earned.  Because he gave me is the best space, and are the best service.  More importantly, we have been very good.He was looking for me, but also gave me more.    I’ve been thinking about, people really are like this.  You little good for others, others will naturally point to Hello.  For example, you have to bargain, Kandao he was angry, I’m sure you follow-up services you are embarrassed to find him.    When I read the other group, the people say, who gave me a good number buttoned, who good technology, help me see website.  Basically no one will help you.  He also?Because you did not pay to think to return, others did not owe us the way.And we asking too much.    Someone gave us buttoned No, we have to thank days thanks, the grateful met him on the road of our lives.But you still have a good number.Not only high-value, others will not give you.Even I want to, and you say No fear bad.  That as people look for help is the same site.He says good techniques to help look website.Good technical people are busy, who’s free to help you see it.The main fear is also to help you read, was you said, you said he was not afraid of technology.  Pay a lot, not only to get nothing at all, but also risky, would do something like this person very little.    When I used to read the university, there is a boss is to do the printing, and just start a business.But he will not design.Small printing.He then told his wife, and several workers.Every design is to look for me, then let me help find someone else.  Sometimes a construction site, sometimes need articles sometimes need the overall layout, sometimes to the statistics.  Every time I have been looking for free help, beginning when I have helped, but I really afraid to back up.    Because always free to help, and made me put my friendship gave overdrawn.  He told me to do, I asked a friend to help do not give him a penny, every time I bring money to my friends.  So I would not take back to his phone, but after all these years, his business failed at least 10 times.  We are now sometimes drink together, his hair basically white.    I think a lot of things with the character is really about, for example, I think the character is not inconveniencing anyone not trouble others, he does, but it is able to think of others trouble trouble to others, to earn more to earn more.  But how many single-earned money in order to make the acquaintance of it, is not it.Dry rut and fish, and it certainly caught the light.  But they never are too many people do not want this.    Have heard a word, people do, day in perspective.  What is the deep meaning of this sentence, that is to pay its own reward.This is equivalent to the energy conservation law as.You do not pay, the old want to deceive others.Even if you earn, you will certainly lose it, because God is in charge.  If you pay now, you will definitely be rewarded, even though he did not return to you, God will return from one corner of the world a way to give you.Because God was watching, any person who is no escape.With my words, it is the law.    So we often see people who Replies everywhere, always a lot of their friends, their business is always good.  So we often see people who help others solve problems, the problems he encountered, there are always people to help him solve.    In fact, the above two points is easy to understand, from a scientific point of view can be explained through.  Such as the first point, you are someone else replies, others happy, affirmation Hello, sure to help you back up, to help you return to more people, you certainly flourishing popularity, you will certainly find what you’re looking for, the most important, you go looked back, the growth of your own harvest.  The second point is, someone else to solve your problem, you have a problem, others certainly help you, but you always someone else to solve, others will be grateful to you, the most important is that you are in the process of solving problems, you yourself also grown.    So I always feel, feeling really used to care, really can not be used trouble.  A trouble trouble, because once something is lost, he who had come back.    For example, we give the first impression of others, for example, the original can guide and support us, the achievements of our people.    Less trouble to others, others a little bit of awe, a little bit more respect, make yourself attracted people around.  Because when we high, in fact, we are the most insignificant, when we lay down ourselves, we just tall and up.  Because we see those who have selfish, eventually became a loner, but those old someone else’s, are up.  Those are the questions the group asked people to break out of a one-time, someone else to solve the problem of people who are getting along best oh.  - This article also known as “Do not trouble others, shallow warm feelings we want to care.”.  QQ: 838504315