Accompany your life

Spring, dark gray sky, floating down to drizzle.    You hit the paper umbrella heaven, my back pack, they reluctantly farewell at the end of the village water bridge.You asked me: Go!Good man Faces.Waiting for your career, I’m your bride.    You leave, leave home, I worked hard in the debauchery of the earth.Good man Faces, your words, all the time inspired me to work hard, to go into business.    Life hidden variables, did not think the company just had a profit, I would at once unexpected accident, lost his left leg and became disabled persons.    Five years ago, the water bridge hometown, in front of you, my back pack, high-spirited, great to go out into the world, we must homecoming spirit.    As everyone knows, we are today, meet on the water bridge, I was actually kicked a long kick short to crutches.And you, who sent me to still wearing a blue and white cheongsam break when the world, and the fight that paradise paper umbrella.    Spring through heaven paper umbrella, put your face may reflect a more rosy peach beautiful.You, an umbrella with one hand, smiling to come to me.Close to my side, you put paper umbrella heaven in our heads held high, saying: “You people come back better than anything else.”” Good ass!My leg is gone.”” My dear, do not be so bitter with a straight face, okay?”You are a hand and gently pulled at my sleeve:” Come!He told me to go home.”” Go home with you?”I looked back and squint you directed your exposed contemptuous smile:” I am your man what ah?You and I are what people ah?You cut me half way, but for me tugging back and forth to your home, you do not shame shame ah?”You listened to me, shook his head slightly, then gently sip bit his lip, looked very helpless.Silence for a moment, your smile said to me: “You are my beloved husband die!”” I am your husband?”I’m mocking smile:” And still dear?I asked you that I hit to civil marriage certificate with you yet?You any connection with my wedding night yet?””nothing!””nothing?”I watched your contempt, mouth revealing a cold smile:” Now do not you take me halfway cut in calling me to do what my dear husband?”” Because we love each other too when vows.”You smile and said:” Whether rich or poor and lowly later, we have to Xiangpei forever.”” You ought to be ashamed ashamed ah?Cut me down, and said to accompany me to forever.”” Really!”Your eyes hold in the mouth tears:” My dear, whether you are missing a leg or two legs, I am willing to accompany you forever.”” But I……”I limped on crutches left alone:” tells you ashamed of this woman, I do not want!”You insisted on paper umbrella heaven, stood motionless on the bridge, watching I gradually go away.