Awakened by the cries of birds

The sun swept over the wall and sprinkled it on the green creeper. Several red roses are quietly opening up.. This morning should be normal, at least, on every weekend morning in spring, my yard welcomes the sun like this. But today, we were awakened by a bird’s cry, which has rarely been heard in such a small town, and our daughter was the first to wake up..     Is a few ordinary magpies. At this time, they were jumping on the plum tree by the window, and chirping sound came into our ears through the glass window.. In this small courtyard, they should have visited us several times earlier, but they didn’t greet us or attract our attention..     My daughter sat on the bed and looked at the magpie outside the window. I gently got out of bed and wanted to open the window so that she could see it more vividly.. Only to find that my actions still frightened them, the magpies’ chirping’ and’ screaming’ flew away from the tree. The daughter didn’t like it, pursed her mouth and said, ” All flew away and all blamed you.”!     I told my daughter that it was just a few magpies, very common, and coaxed her to say that dad taught you to sing children’s songs to participate in the regulations of small magpies?     My daughter followed me with some absent-mindedly singing: Little Magpie, not bashful, chirping in the morning; Don’t wash your face, don’t do exercises, club ran west home to jump; Little magpie, it’s not good. It’s sanitary and polite. Only in this way can you be a good baby.     This is a song I sang when I was a child. It reminds me of some old memories. My daughter sang without saying a word. I know that she still thinks about the magpies because, in her memory, all the small animals are lovely and, more importantly, they have had little chance to see the small animals that live freely..     In my memory, there are so many small animals such as birds and birds that villagers have to put scarecrows in the fields or put mirrors in the sunning fields to scare birds who steal food.. In the countryside at that time, the land had not been fully cultivated as it is today, and in many places it was allowed to grow weeds and shrubs.. At that time, the river was still flowing with clear water all the year round, with grass such as pole grass and goldfish and algae in the water. The village was surrounded by a large forest, in which all kinds of bird cries were noisy, and the birds’ cries stirred the wild children’s madness.. Adults are busy working in the production team, children have no constraints, and joy is in free space.. We pulled out nests of eggs or birds in the angry and helpless cries of birds, and then jumped happily with a smile. The woods became more noisy. No one noticed that those lovely and poor lives would die because of our ignorance and naughtiness, not to mention that they would become so rare in a few years.. At that time, these little lives were playmates or toys that we were weak enough to bully at will.. In the process of labor, adults will pull out a nest of wild birds from the grass nest or catch some rabbits for us to play with, more often than not, they will catch a big turtle, drill a hole in the deck and tie it with ropes to let us play with.. That is, at that time, the mother patted our brothers and taught us to sing all kinds of children’s songs until we fell asleep in the same unrestrained joy as during the day..     In my mind, I really began to pay close attention to those small lives and really understood the beauty of life, probably when I moved into this small courtyard two years ago..     At that time, the house had already been built, because the daughter had just been born, so she did not move in.. There is a beautiful long-tailed bird with a black back and a silver belly – later known as the tits – who has already settled down in the cave in the east wall. On that day, I came to tidy up the yard. One bird just came out of the hole and the other stood on the roof of our house shaking its long tail to watch and saw me. They jumped together and called ” Ji You Ji You”. I didn’t want to disturb them, but curiosity finally prevailed. I climbed the wall to spy out their homes.. I found a few white-bottomed blue star eggs lying quietly in their nests, just like my infant daughter. The two birds cried even harder on the roof and jumped up and down at a loss.. I heard the helplessness and anger when I dug the bird’s nest many years ago. They must be worried that I hurt their baby.. I slipped off the wall like I did something wrong, and my heart was full of guilt. Birds can put their homes on our walls. This is the bird’s trust in our family, but I frightened them out of curiosity..     In the next few days, I never dared to approach the wall again and always stole a glance at the house from a distance.. Strangely enough, only one bird can be seen at a time, either keeping watch on the roof or flying around in a hurry, but not the other. I began to worry about whether it was my curiosity that destroyed the couple? I told all this to the wife of the regular baby, who said, ” You are silly. The mother bird is hatching the baby. The only bird you see must be the faithful father bird.”. I smiled. I silently blessed them in my heart and imagined a few babies snuggling up next to their mother.. In those days, I wondered if I would take heart for these birds, thinking so delicately about the responsibilities and hard work of my parents and the happiness of being a son and daughter.. It turned out that I loved these small and weak lives so much that, in order not to disturb their fragile and peaceful life, I moved the day of moving again until I was sure that the babies were big enough to fly alone..     Now I’m always thinking about the question whether I care about small animals because they have become fewer or I have become a father myself, and I have more responsibilities and care in my heart.? But I know exactly that I am always too sad and moved by a life that has nothing to do with myself. I do not deny that there is too much sympathy in my life, for the weak and for the young..     On this morning, I wrote such words because of the cries of several magpies. I just hope that my daughter will have more chances to be awakened by the cries of birds in the morning..