Desire for truth

Life has given us enlightenment. Fate has arranged everything for us. To live, we must live better, strive towards the goal, make our due contribution to the cause of justice, and make efforts for the betterment of the collective, the country and the world..   Hypocrisy makes people indulge, truth makes people cheer up. ‘ Indulge in the life of hypocrisy, drifting and even dying may not be able to tell the truth about their own life, but the life that is uplifted or short in the real environment will also leave a bright life track like a meteor, and I hope our lives will all be spent like this.     Here, we can ask, as long as you are willing to obey the fate of the arrangement, gentle and virtuous wife, stable work, there will never be a big twists and turns of life, everything has, the only drawback is that you can’t help it, will you accept it?     In order to pursue ideal and truth, how many people have abandoned hypocrisy and peace of mind in their present life? Maybe you don’t like the present job, but it can pay you enough to live every month. Maybe you don’t like the people you love now, but they can give you a bland and comfortable life. Maybe the city you don’t like now, but you bought a house here. If you leave all this behind and seek the ideal in your heart, you will inherit the future that may fail.. Most people will continue to live and accept the roles assigned to them by their parents, society and fate..     I’ve seen a TV play before, and the story inside is very touching.. A student from a very poor family went to an art school. Most of the students in this school are rich kids. He was afraid of being discriminated against by his classmates. He lied that his father was an architect and his mother was a painter.. Everyone also believed that it was true. In fact, his mother was laid off and his father was a plumber with a very low income.. On one occasion, my father bought a pair of sneakers for a month’s salary, dragged himself to his son’s school and handed the shoes to his son: ” Don’t you like these shoes?”? As soon as I got paid, I went to buy it back. The son, fearing that others might see his poor father, said a few words impatiently and urged his father to leave the dormitory. Seeing this, it makes us very sad and has an unspeakable taste in our hearts.. We don’t understand this classmate’s behavior very much. Can his ” fabrication” improve the family situation? Don’t, there is a plumber’s father really embarrassed? After covering up the reality layer by layer, he may win ” face” for him, and may also be ” admired” by some classmates.. However, does this’ admiration’ make sense? Hypocrisy is really so respected, truth is so despicable? Can’t think so, a person who dares to give his card to others often wins both success and respect from others.     But the reality is that each of us has a hypocritical side, but the degree of expression is different. Because people want to survive in the society, competition will also arise for survival, and personal abilities will be linked in the competition. Some hypocrisy is the means used to achieve certain purposes.. Sometimes it is necessary to become hypocritical in a certain situation. Everyone should understand the truth that some friends deserve to be treated by you. Some are just ordinary friends or only superficial friends, so hypocrisy is only for those who need to be treated hypocritically, but not in front of genuine friends..     However, in today’s society, money and status have become important yardsticks to measure each person’s social status, who has who and how much money? So – and – so has what great high-tech items are very valuable. So – and – so, how much money does a certain unit spend now? There is a great chance of promotion and it will be very good in the future.. Some people also said that they could do whatever they wanted, as long as they could earn money. If you go to a big restaurant and get a sum of money from him, you won’t have to worry about it. This is today’s society. How sad it is for some people to pursue the rise of their financial status, but neglect their personal values, dreams and social responsibilities and forget the most important feeling of life.!     If the world of mortals is on the net, the common fate will be difficult, so the more people live, the more they feel unable to extricate themselves. Fame and fortune mingle, material desires cross – flow, and some people feel heavier and heavier as they walk more and more.. In the midst of worldly impetuosity and uproar, some people have learned some coping skills by themselves: seemingly arrogant but actually concealing inferiority, tough language often conceals a guilty conscience, self-righteousness is actually fragile will, and only Nuo Nuo or you are planning a fatal trap behind your back.. As a result, we saw that the good heart was imprisoned by the increasingly indifferent armor, but we could not grasp the true meaning of greeting and smile from others.. Life is supposed to be real, but we are constantly using this behavior to betray the true meaning of life, whether you intentionally or casually or unintentionally. As Milan Kundera said, ” Every sentence has made us farther and farther away from what we had planned.”.     In the face of truth, don’t be afraid that truth will destroy the friendly building. If you can’t even bear the true feelings, even if you can survive in hypocrisy, you will never live long. Since the flower of love can wither in the real wind and rain, it will surely die in the vain air. Remember, no matter what the reason is, never fake your feelings, be good at expressing your feelings, and learn to understand each other, even if they are weak or stupid.. Every life has its own colorful movement. Real communication is actually the most effective, simple and direct only correct method..     People, what the hell is living for? That is to believe in yourself, challenge the limits, fight bravely and live out your own wonderful life. Life is beautiful, life is colorful, life is full of birds and flowers, life is full of veiled dreams, life is a song, a symphony full of beautiful melody and cheerful notes.. Feel life, feel the color of life is a new feeling.     Those who live in happiness praise life for its beauty, while those who live in pain accuse life of being so unfair..Perhaps when a person lives in happiness, he doesn’t realize that he lives in a happy sea, or he doesn’t think about what people live in this world for, because he is intoxicated by the beauty of life.. Only those who live in pain can feel good and deep, and can say such a question as ” what do people live for?”. What the hell are people living for? Life has given us inspiration, fate has arranged everything for us, and we must live better, strive towards the goal, make our due contribution to the cause of justice, and make efforts for the betterment of the collective, the country and the world..     It is not easy for people to live, ” life is a lifetime, vegetation is a autumn, flowers have a reopening day, and people are no longer young.”,’ one inch of time is one inch of gold, and one inch of gold is not enough to buy one inch of time. ”. People can’t live this life without doing anything. Although it is ordinary, we have a goal and a direction of struggle. The value of life depends on ourselves to create it.. Believe in yourself, as long as you work hard, success will not be too far away, and then you will have a deeper understanding of’ what the hell are people living for’. In a word, I deeply understand life, throw away the false coat and return to the true and happiest of our life..