Don’t talk about little red flowers

In recent days, Great Xia Xuan returned home and had a good meal. We will set up a little red flower for him on the door.. As soon as Great Xia Xuan came home, he counted the small red flowers he got today. This little red flower is one of our measures to reward Great Xia Xuan for his good performance.     Great Xia Xuan doesn’t like meat. He gave the chicken leg to Shan at school and Zhang Yimo at school. Of course, this is what we heard from Great Xia Xuan.. I’ve heard of Kong Qiu Jean Pear. Today, we Xuan Da Xia asked for chicken leg, so we must ask Xuan Da Xia to eat chicken leg.. Great Xia Xuan said chicken legs are too fat to eat. We said that it was a layer of goose skin and ate goose skin for beauty. Great Xia Xuan said that goose skin can’t chew and swallow.. We have no words to say that others can eat. Why don’t you eat them. Great Xia Xuan promised to eat chicken legs at the next school by himself. We said if you can’t eat it, you’ll bring it back. Great Xia Xuan said the teacher wouldn’t take it home. We thought, we can’t keep our eyes open. Great Xia Xuan doesn’t eat chicken legs, can we. I thought of a way to post a photo of Great Xia Xuan on the door of my home. Great Xia Xuan has a good meal performance and we will post a small red flower to Great Xia Xuan.. So in the first few days of the little red flower, Great Xia Xuan got the most. Great Xia Xuan had to paste it by himself after we cut it. Looking at how happy it was to see the small red flowers sticking all around his photo..     However, everything has its opposite side. In a period of time, small red flowers will play a positive role. Great Xia Xuan didn’t put things in disorder, and he was obedient at dinner.. In fact, after these days, Great Xia Xuan will still be disobedient. We will consciously say that if we don’t obey, we will tear down the little red flower. Great Xia Xuan cried as soon as he heard that he was going to tear the little red flower.. Crying is two tears, the sad ah! It’s like cutting a piece of meat from him. If we say we don’t cry, we won’t tear it up. Great Xia Xuan stopped crying, turned into laughter, and applauded himself.     One day, when we entered the door, Great Xia Xuan suddenly said a word that stunned us. You don’t always talk about little red flowers. Great Xia Xuan seems quite unconcerned about this little red flower. It’s our romantic feelings.. What surprised me was that in school, Great Xia Xuan also got red flowers, and at home he also got red flowers.. In front of honor, Great Xia Xuan has changed completely.     I don’t know if I’m going to stick small red flowers or stop. Every time the little red flower was cut by Great Xia Xuan now, and Great Xia Xuan posted it for the first time.. Great Xia Xuan doesn’t care about the little red flower now. Why?     For the sake of the little red flowers, Great Xia Xuan cried, made noise, laughed and was happy. Today, Great Xia Xuan is not very excited about the honor. I can’t think of it.. Are we talking about small red flowers again and again, stimulating the heart of Great Xia Xuan’s progress, or something else. I didn’t ask any further questions.     Little Red Flower, the little Red Flower that once made Great Xia Xuan count even sleeping, is not very cute today. The little red flower is still stuck on the door. I have no time to look at it when I am free. Did Great Xia Xuan add the little red flower or lose a few. However, Great Xia Xuan is excited about the seconds he posted. After these seconds, if no one reminds him, Great Xia Xuan will not think of little red flowers.. So, when we are very concerned about talking about the little red flowers, Great Xia Xuan is already tired of aesthetics and has no mind to think about the little red flowers..