Super – Achim Peng hats + lore TEDA 3-2 triumph in derby wins right to health

  Beijing at 19:35 on March 18, Super League third round continues, Tianjin, Tianjin Teda 3-2 home lore right to health。
Within 16 minutes Achim Peng restricted Dianshe opener; restricted within 54 minutes Pato low shot equalizer; within 78 minutes Modest shot left the area ahead score; 84 minutes and 90 minutes azithromycin Tim Peng scored twice, but also a hat-trick of tournament lore。   TEDA home draw against China in the first round of happy, because the last round away loss goalkeeper mistakes led to goals conceded Jianye, the team much-needed open league opener。 TEDA away in last season's first derby 0-3 defeat right to health, the key relegation derby of the season at home 4-1 victory over the period of battles right to health。 To some extent it can be said, for the performance of the current round derby of the season TEDA trend prospects have some significance determination。
This week in the AFC competitions right to health home victory over Jeonbuk Hyundai, the mental state of the team exciting, reflects the difficulties of execution。
  5 minutes, being cruel uprooting Pato ball back Djarum high, high Djarum booked。 Pato delivers this in mind the restricted area before the kick, he hit a tricky archery bow arc, Du Jia quickly move a ball saved the bottom line Cepu!8 minutes, Modeste front after the ball back to do, Mrs Wang follow right foot outside the instep volley, the ball struck the flying column proximal。
The first 10 minutes, Achim Peng left the restricted area small-angle volley hit high。
Inverted triangle near the first 12 minutes, Sun can pass in the right bottom line, Modeste kick Tui small closed line defect, and then shot, the ball was blocked a bit Qiu Tianyi bounced back after himself Chuledixian。
  Tianjin TEDA in the 16th minute to break the deadlock – Mielke sent straight, Achim Peng high-speed plug, squeeze the body position of the dominant Wang Jie, Dian kicked the ball into the far corner, 1-0!  The first 31 minutes, Achim title gold Rush Peng right near the penalty area to the bottom line, inverted triangle pass after continuous shaking, the first to rescue Liu Yi Ming ball Chudi Xian。
The first 35 minutes, midfielder Witsel sent Zhise, Yi Zhu defender Modeste quickly plug into the restricted area to form single-pole, but stopping big trip was confiscated goalkeeper Du Jia。
After 1 minute, close to over the top Witsel long pass in the circle to find Modeste, which is inserted into the restricted area to form single-pole, ready to shoot the face of the goalkeeper, behind by chasing back Amat Jiang interference fell to the ground, missed the equalizer good opportunity。
  Easy side battles the second half, 49 minutes Achim Peng broke into the restricted area, continuous fake kicker shot, he was not marked strength。 Right Tianjin alive 54 minute equalizer – a note may be unable Sun arc the ball, the restricted area after the ball stop point Modest, foot volley saved by Du Jia。
Small frontier closed area Pato put the ball stopped, after adjustment left foot volley succeeded, 1-1!  58 minutes, Pato closed top oblique plug, plug Modeste volley was saved by Du Jia。 The right of the first 63 minutes, Sun can be restricted inverted triangle pass, Pato follow the right foot volley hit the fly。
72 minutes, Zhao Xuri edge of the area volley Du Jia confiscated。   Right alive Tianjin go-ahead score in the 78th minute – Mi Haolun crossing the ball left the restricted area, Qiu Tianyi misjudgment could not rescue the first point, Modeste stop the ball, homeopathic left foot shot hit, 2-1!83 minutes, TEDA left corner out, Qiu add a header just wide Qiangdian。 Tianjin Teda in the 84th minute to level the score – the right to health backcourt steals pass by Mikel, Mikel pass the first time to rub the area, but also Achim Peng ball into the box, left foot blast into the bar no solution goal, 2-2!  Zhuangtaiqijia Achim Peng hat-trick in the 90th minute – TEDA captain pass the restricted area, Zhang Cheng Yi Zhu Hui Ieyasu stopping the chest, I want to let the ball out of goalkeeper Zhang Lu, but wary of a home health benefits poke poke the ball out, Achim Peng follow-up push Kongmen, 3-2!Tianjin Teda 3-2 final lore Tianjin right to health, to get first league win。
  Goal information – within the first 16 minutes Achim Peng opened the scoring penalty area Dianshe。   The area within 54 minutes Pato low shot equalizer。
  Within 78 minutes Modest restricted foot shot ahead score。   The first 84 minutes followed by Achim Peng scored twice assists Mikel。   The first 90 minutes in front of Achim Peng push Kongmen hat-trick。   Yellow information – TEDA: High Jiarun (4 ') Mikel (39') Sebastian Ainsworth (49 ') Cao (70') Li a source (76 ') right to health Tianjin: Modest (33' ) SUN (43 ') Wang Jie (70') Yi Liu Ming (87 ') and the two sides starting Substitution – TEDA: (4-2-3-1) 1- Du Jia; Bai Yuefeng 19- (68' 26- Cao), 5-a Qiu Tian, Sebastian Ainsworth 15, 25 Amat Jiang; 10- Mikel, high Djarum 6- (U23); 8- a Li source, Zhao Yingjie 21 (60 '4- Yang Fan), 17 home health benefits; 7- Achim Peng Jian Tianjin right: (4-2-3-1) 1 Zhang Lu; 18 Zhang Cheng (91'17- edge Su Jie), 4-Liu Yi-ming ( U23), 3- Wang Jie, 25 Mi Haolun; Witsel 28-, 7- Zhao Xuri; SUN 38-, 10- Pato (Zheng Dalun 69'16-), Mrs Wang 39- (Yi Liu 91'26- ); 28- Modest (Tai Xiaopeng)。