How to get rid of body moisture in winter

  How to get rid of body moisture in winter should do?  1, seasoning dampness ginger, onions, garlic is not only home to a commonly used seasoning, also has an irreplaceable medicinal value, such as drinking a bowl of hot ginger may be sweating, the body's moisture comes out force。
  TCM will use aromatic spices to moisture, sweating, to combat infectious diseases, most of these aromatic plants are common spices。 Modern Pharmacy also found in many spices do have antiviral efficacy, is formed as an influenza vaccine is an example octagonal。
  2, sports sweat sweating is a good sport to moisture; especially in summer, do not air conditioning, fans, inside the body sweat must, otherwise you too much moisture, the winter will definitely get sick。
  Adhere to moderate exercise every day, the body is very useful。
Exercise can relieve stress, active body organs operation to accelerate the moisture excreted。   Brains and more modern, less physical exertion, coupled with long-term stay in the confined air conditioning, rarely sweat, body humidity regulation ability deteriorates。
Try running, walking, no swimming, yoga, tai chi and other "little breath, sweating" of movement, activation helps blood circulation, increase water metabolism。
  How to remove body moisture in winter: sports perspiration 3, to avoid the wet environment。
  Everyday life best reduce exposure in wet conditions。 Especially for moisture sensitive people should pay attention to the following matters: ① Do not sleep on the floor directly。
Moisture in the air and drops floor humid easily cause aching limbs invasion in vivo。   ② best sleep in the floor some distance from the bed。   ③ wet rainy day out less。
  ④ Do not wear wet not dry clothes, water intake should be moderate。   4, will use the Chinese method of therapeutic aromatic, sweating and bitter herbs temperature, as dampness magic。
Plants use scent to combat infectious diseases, intelligent ancestors。
For example Southerners carry with wormwood Po sterilization, prevent infectious diseases。
  How to remove body moisture in winter: therapeutic methods or in warmer weather, bacteria and viruses numbers issued in May Dragon Boat Festival, the door of every household to wear blue, Shi Chang and leaves, remove the used bath, whichever is air disinfection of drinking water with meaning。   Modern Pharmacy also found that these aromatic indeed antiviral efficacy, is formed as an influenza vaccine is an example octagonal。   Furthermore, blazing ginger sweating, the body best suited to disperse moisture after rain, prevent colds; bitter medicine Gan Jiang Wen as slow pier fire, the body slowly to the water that comes out of the air force。   Get rid of body moisture recommend some therapeutic side。   ① lean meat lentil soup Ingredients: 100 g lentils, dried tangerine peel 1/4, 400 grams of pork, salt, ginger the right amount。   Practice: 1) Wash the pork cuts, dried tangerine peel to scoop, ginger slices; 2) the 1 ingredients together into the pot, add water, first with the fire pot boiling, change a small fire burning 1?Hours, adding the right amount of salt can be。