German IFO president: Greece out of the euro should be temporarily

Night network, network nightlife Finance YORK May 22 news this week has been heated discussion about the Greek debt default and triggered Greece out of the euro。On Wednesday, a senior ruling party official said Greece If you can not obtain additional assistance, Greece may not be able to repay the IMF [microblogging] (IMF [microblogging]) June 5 due loans。汉斯维尔纳辛 En (IFO), president of the German Institute for Economic Research said that Greece should be allowed to temporarily leave the eurozone。  Singh said: "The Greek government has already insolvent。If you are a business, then, to delay the announcement of the loss of liquidity process will be illegal。Now is the time for the Greek debt write-down dramatically and take more aggressive measures to help the Greek。"Sinn always supported Greece out of the euro。He said that if the stay in the euro, it is difficult to imagine that Greece can solve its problems, but he also said that Greece out of the euro does not have to be permanent。  He said: "If we allow the euro to become more flexible, a country can temporarily leave and then come back after the devaluation, rather than trying to impose internal devaluation, is it not better?Forced internal devaluation will push up unemployment and cause upheaval。"The Greek anti-austerity government's negotiations with international creditors recently reached an impasse on the issue of reform。  If negotiations break down, the Greek government said it will give priority to the payment of wages and pensions, debt service on the next。Greece owes the IMF loan will have 1.5 billion euros due next month, which expires June 5 amounting to 300 million euros。  London & Capital investment officer Axiaokesha said: "Now more clear that Greece can not have the ability to repay, you may want some kind of renewal, continue to cut interest rates to pay, so it is hard to define it as a breach of contract。After "due to political instability and other factors, in 2014 the Greek six-year recession ended, a quarter of negative economic growth again。(Shofu compilation)