Exploits continue to increase the potential for large inventory of 10 blue chip stocks growth stocks access to capital concern

Click to view the annual report disclosure period gradually into focus, a quarterly disclosure also notice a marked acceleration。From the recent market point of view, a lot of blue-chip growth stock funds get attention。In the industry view, the market growth has been the subject of most concern, while a quarter and annual results forecast continued growth stocks for investors to focus more。Reporters this week by data selected the top ten highest first quarter net profit growth stocks for investors。  1 increase in first quarter net profit up 855.02% achieved in 2016 losses of three steel Min light (002 110) performance for the substantial growth。The company recently released 2017 first quarter results notice, expected 2017 first quarter attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 3.-4 9.1 billion.1.2 billion, an increase of 805.08% -855.02%, corresponding to earnings per share were 0.28-0.30 yuan。  You can see that the three steel Min light performance Express showed that in 2016, the year attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit of 9.2.2 billion and earnings in the first quarter of 2017, nearly half of the 2016 annual results。China and Thailand Securities Benedict Hui pointed out that the performance of substantial growth on the one hand due to fundamentals continued to improve, infrastructure and real estate in the short-term worry, after the holiday demand gradually return; on the other hand the company rebar steel products in the larger proportion, nearly 40%。With the supply side reform this year continued to upgrade, out of a total ban on the intermediate frequency furnace and steel strip efforts continue to increase, threaded prices rose after the holiday gross profit per ton of steel rebar have climbed to more than $ 500, far more than other varieties of steel plates, etc.。  Fujian three steel Min light as the leading iron and steel enterprises, regional obvious advantages, the overall profitability of the industry with highly consistent。Benedict Hui said that the current industry fundamentals stabilized, the market started in the spring on the occasion, the company earnings trend expected to continue。In addition, the parent company inject quality assets package, the construction of Things cloud business platform, a high-line upgrade project, to further enhance the company's competitiveness。  2 Latitude Communications first quarter net profit increase of up to 774% performance of rapid release (002148) 2016 operating income 3.9.4 billion, an increase of 103.72%, net his maternal 7883.050,000, an increase of 512.8%。The rapid growth of Latitude Communications continues, by mid-2017 the company expects net profit of about a quarter of his maternal 28.5 million -3020 million, an increase of 724% -774% sharply。  Accelerate the transformation in the field of network, Latitude Communications has begun to good business。Analysts pointed out that Zhu Jinsong, latitude communications channels based on business benefits and advantages accumulated over the years, to accelerate the transition to mobile integrated service providers。Traditional mobile value-added services steadily 17.54%; mobile games focused boutique hand tour after the release of licensing revenues for 81.6 million, an increase of 32.54%; and other industrial applications flow from operating income 1.6.4 billion, significantly increasing 438.37%。Further north latitude base net occupancy rate has reached 70%, the future is expected to continue steady profit contribution。Internet lottery business active reserve, we are currently awaiting release policy。The company's business has been fully to the good, positive development into the fast lane。  Currently latitude traditional mobile value-added communications, the Internet and Nanjing Industrial Park base sound management, performance and growth foundation has been compacted。Zhu Jinsong said that along with traffic management and accelerate the development of mobile game business, liberalizing trade policies and the extension of terms of boosting business, the size of the company's performance is expected to accelerate growth。  3 increase in first quarter net profit up 682.Substantial revenue growth of 7% at the same time, hair is growing significantly, HC SemiTek (300 323) 2016 Results explosive growth。The report shows that in 2016 the company achieved revenues of 15.8.2 billion yuan, an increase of 65.62%; net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 2.6.7 billion yuan, an increase of 378.43%。The company expects 2017 net profit year after year in the first quarter is expected to achieve 76 million yuan -8100 million, net profit increase of up to 682.7% in 2016 HC SemiTek rapid growth in revenue, partly due to the May 2016 completion of the upstream sapphire substrate suppliers aquamarine technology mergers and acquisitions, revenue contribution aquamarine and Table 2.3.1 billion yuan; on the other hand due to the company's LED upgrading project is completed, a substantial increase in production scale, sales of LED chip products grew 130.96%。  Analysts pointed out that Xuxing Jun, 2016 LED chip industry reshuffle, eliminate backward production capacity, price competition return to reason, HC SemiTek LED chip products to benefit small spacing display rapid growth in market demand, the price steadily; additional production capacity after scale advantages, driven by the company to enhance profitability。  It is worth mentioning that the HC SemiTek indirect acquisition of the world's leading MEMS companies new US semiconductor, and thus involved in the field of MEMS sensors。The company promises from 2017 to 2019 annual net profit 0.900 million, 1.100 million and 1.300 million yuan。With the new LED chip aquamarine and table and new equipment put into operation, the company's rapid growth performance。  4 increase in first quarter net profit up 500% Guoguang Electric (002,045) in 2016 operating income of 25.700 million, an increase of 15.13%; owned by the parent net profit of 60.42 million, an increase of 25.97% of full-year results in line with market expectations。At the same time, the company expects 2017 January-March net profit his maternal range from 1756 to 1915 million, an explosion 4.5-5 times, mainly due to substantial growth performance is a sound business quarter sales surged。  Analysts pointed out that Liu Xiang, Guoguang Electric have in the design and manufacture of the speaker unit of strong technical background and precipitation, hi-fi speaker industry-leading technology, the product has significant comparative advantages, widely used first-line speaker brand at home and abroad, the future is expected to rely on technology innovation on, in collaboration with global technology giants and traditional acoustic brands to develop new intelligent acoustic sound, etc., to seize the market opportunity for explosive growth。In recent years the company to focus resources and increase smart sound speaker systems, R & D investment miniature speaker with a large customer development, equity investment 1 billion product line technological transformation, is put into the total after-tax profit contribution 1.900 million, the recent large client authentication breakthrough progress, waiting for orders to bring heavy volume performance improvement。  In addition, Guoguang Electric use of land resources to create intelligent electronic technology industrial park service brand, has officially started construction in 2016, a total of 13 buildings and 18 basement.240,000 m2 building is expected to be in April 2017 began to gradually cap, completed around October 2017, next year is expected to become a new profit growth point。  5 increase in first quarter net profit up 460% in 2016 Shing Holdings (002,670) complete the change occurred on Guosheng securities acquisition, consolidation scope, performance appears surge。The report shows that in 2016 the company realized revenue of 16.4.2 billion yuan, an increase of 56.44%; female normalized net 4.9.8 billion yuan, an increase of 1803.97%; Galaxy Securities analyst Wu Pingping pointed out that in 2016 the first year of implementation of the strategic transformation into a financial holding Guosheng。To implement external, two internal reorganization, completed the acquisition of foreign Guosheng work 100% of the equity securities of the parent company will be reorganized into holding internal management platform。After Guosheng securities into the company's consolidated financial statements, the company's business structure, asset size, capital strength, profitability and influence are major changes。  During the year, the country Sheng Holding shares and bonds issued by directional manner, Guosheng securities to inject 63.9.6 billion yuan to supplement working capital, to ease Guosheng Securities net capital constraints bottleneck。Guosheng securities in ensuring the stable development of the existing business at the same time, the company adjust and optimize the layout of the securities business, and actively develop new profit growth point, focusing on the development of asset management, fixed income, investment banking and capital intermediary business。With the organizational structure, personnel and the introduction of team-building gradually improve capital efficiency play a new, optimistic about the prospects for the development Guosheng securities。  Meanwhile Guosheng Holding also expects the January 2017 to March attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit range 3662.930,000 yuan to 4022.040,000 yuan, a variation of 410.00% to 460.00%。  6 increase in first quarter net profit up 430% acquisition of Constant rate education, large excellence program after February approved the text, Kaiyuan instrument (300,338) have each completed change of business formalities, since March 2017 the two companies will officially included in the consolidated financial statements, which by mid-2017 first-quarter net profit increased significantly。  It can be seen in mid-2015 after a sharp decline in performance, the performance of the instrument Kaiyuan picked up momentum。2016, the company achieved operating income of 300.400 million yuan, an increase of 20.69%; to achieve net profit of 589 owned by the parent.160,000 yuan, an increase of 55.31%。The company expects 2017 first quarter is expected to return by mid-parent net profit of about 1190 annual report.810,000 yuan -1262.250,000 yuan, an increase of about 400% -430%。Easy to see, in the consolidated financial statements, the level of the first quarter net profit more than twice as much of the year 2016。  Zhong Qi analysts pointed out that New Century intelligent instrument fuel to the good prospects of the project, highlighting the company's competitive advantage, coal quality level instrumentation equipment revenues usher in a new bright spot; actively layout of the field, the successful acquisition of large excellence, Constant rate education, strong education and training to open a second major industry; application, employment-oriented vocational education by the state attaches great importance to a large market space。Constant rate education and training leading mode, mature R & D system, the more obvious the lead。Combined with significant traffic advantages, the company line, ecological education and training business gradually formed the line。Companies subject education of good quality, strong growth, compared to the transformation of education business valuation, expected future growth of the company。  7 increase in first quarter net profit up 415% price increases driven Qi Xiang Tenda (002 408) performance to grow significantly。The report shows that in 2016 the company achieved operating income 58.7.5 billion yuan, an increase of 37%; net profit realized his maternal 5.0.3 billion yuan, an increase of 173%。Single-quarter earnings in the fourth quarter reached 2.500 million yuan, growth of 110%, the highest single-season earnings record since the listing。Mainly due to substantial growth in the year's performance is more light alkanes utilization project, maleic anhydride projects and coal gas project put into the company's revenue and profitability to enhance the comprehensive。The company also expects January 2017 to March attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit range 18517.040,000 yuan to 20508.$ 120,000 to a variation of 365.00% to 415.00%。  Analysts pointed out that Chen Zhao, 450,000 tons / year of light alkanes utilization project put into operation not only enhance the income scale Qi Xiang Tenda, more importantly, is to achieve a complete industrial chain layout C4 can be the raw material C4 "eat dry pressing to do "significantly enhance the overall profitability。The company has already begun to highlight the advantages of the industry chain, the next step through technical transformation projects such as maleic anhydride, the profitability is expected to Zaishangtaijie。  According to reports, the Meritus Group and Qi Xiang Tenda meeting, Niimi said control Qi Xiang will help improve the raw material advantages and economies of scale, and by extension development will Qixiang playing from crude oil to carbon four, become across the whole industry chain of world-class companies。Zhao Chen believes the new controller in position to take over the company after the Qi Xiang future years with a new look。  8 in the first quarter net profit increase of 391% up-day sea defense (300008) 2016 annual operating income 16.0.5 billion yuan, an increase of 34.16%; the net profit attributable to 1.4.4 billion yuan, an increase of 159.92%。2016 mainly due to the completion of the acquisition and shipping gold and substantial growth table, the company's business。5 because hair growth over the previous year.45%, gross profit increased by 176.46%, significantly higher than the growth rate of net revenue growth。The company also expects net profit for the first quarter of 2017 in mid-36 million yuan -3834 million, an increase of 361% -391%。  Haitong Securities analyst Xu Zhiguo pointed out, the day the sea defense in the first half of 2016 to complete the acquisition and shipping gold and table, entered the field of defense。The company achieve high performance polymer products and equipment and air and sea operating income 2.2.8 billion, accounting for 15% of all revenue。Product gross margin up to 58.02%, gross profit contribution of nearly 50%。At the same time the company intends to invest in the establishment of China's first with a demonstration of the significance of military and civilian integration of national science and technology industrial park in Taizhou Medical Hi-tech Zone, the formation of civil-military integration, development-oriented and comprehensive industry platform for industry, academia, research, and with one of the incubator platform to further enhance the integration of military and civilian industrial layout。  At present-day sea defense is actively increasing the business transformation efforts to develop high value-added ship, with a focus on clean energy use in the deep sea ships and equipment in the field of labor market opportunities。In addition the company relies on the strength of gold maritime qualifications, exploring and timely access to military auxiliary vessels the field of development, to create a balance between the sky and the ocean-based underwater defense equipment industry chain, to enhance the company's overall profitability。  9 increase in first quarter net profit up 378.With 75% of titanium dioxide market bottomed out, prices rose significantly improve nuclear Titanium Dioxide (002145) Profitability。The company achieved operating income in 2016 20.4.8 billion yuan, an increase of 25.7%; female normalized net 8409.070,000 yuan, year on year surge 166.5%, successfully realized losses。It is worth mentioning that the company expects first quarter net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies 100 million to 130 million yuan, only a quarter had already more than 2016 full-year net profit, substantial growth in performance can be expected by mid-2017。  Analysts pointed out that Tang Kai, from the industry point of view in mid-2017 will further boost domestic infrastructure and titanium dioxide demand growth, decorative paper, lithium titanate sub-sectors have sprung up everywhere to support incremental economic recovery overseas and overseas suppliers due to force majeure production capacity out will bring significant margin improvement is expected to continue upward titanium dioxide prices。  CNNC Titanium Dioxide now has the whole process of rutile titanium dioxide production capacity of 25 million tons, ranking the country second scale, the average gross margin of 25.03%, belonging to a higher level in the industry。Benefit from the industry as a whole to pick up, in 2016 the company increased sales, inventory clearing。In addition, the company's management to strive for progress, cost efficiency and the use of a variety of ways, in the case of substantial growth in sales volume, the company realized the three charges dropped。2017 The company is located in east Gansu Baiyin Titanium will have 100,000 tons of titanium dioxide production capacity, production capacity can achieve rapid release in the current industry structure, the next three years will fully benefit from the product volume and price go。  The highest increase in first quarter net profit 10 345.26% super-mapping software (300036) 2016 operating income of 8.3.3 billion yuan, an increase of 78.35%; net profit 1.2.7 billion yuan, an increase of 116.83%。The company expects January 2017 to March attributable to shareholders of listed companies net profit 7.24 million yuan -776 million, an increase of 315.42% -345.26%。  Since mid-2015, Super Software positive response and participation tilt photography Union initiated malls and tour activities。The company's three-dimensional Geographic Information System products support tilt photographic data has obvious advantages, and to promote and tilt photography technique will drive the company's application of three-dimensional GIS。The company more business-oriented government three-dimensional product customers, due to the three-dimensional can help government departments to achieve data analysis and decision making, which is quite evident in the growth of government-side application。  It can be seen as the real estate registration services outbreak, ultra-mapping software performance full growth potential。Minsheng Securities analyst Zheng Ping said it expects third land survey conducted in mid-2017, the company concerned is also a good opportunity。To the second land survey reference, check the file can probably around 20 billion overall investment。With the acceleration of domestic alternative process, the company has been innovative with the development of GIS platform will have more opportunities in the future, there will be further growth in core business。  Super Software recently announced proposed acquisition of 100% stake in Shanghai-hui number。Zheng Ping said the transaction will be large GIS data service to open a new space in the field of urban planning, but not less than 96 million yuan net profit of the new power performance commitment is also expected to provide sustained growth performance of the company within a few years Hui。  Nuggets a quarterly (Original title: Focus on growth performance continued growth potential of stocks a large inventory) (Editor: DF064)