Good taste and good luck

The gift for mother is approaching Mother’s Day again. I don’t know what kind of gift should be given to mother and mother-in-law this year. The son of the senior high school bought me an ordinary jade ring from his pocket money, saying it was a gift from Mother’s Day. The jade belt shows his love for me.. Yeah! The son is older and begins to take care of his family with his heart. In the face of this small ring, I feel that happiness is actually very simple, just like a glass of water in our life, which is bland and bland..     Looking at the white-haired mother-in-law who smiles at us, my heart is full of sighs! How difficult her life is, the widowed middle – aged, one person dutifully filial to her old mother-in-law and raising her children, and life is very hard and tiring, but she has never complained, but she has only worked hard and conscientiously to bring up the elderly and her children, so that the elderly mother-in-law will not be left alone by the passing away of her lover and her children will not be miserable by the passing away of her father.. The years have passed, and now her mother-in-law is full of children and grandchildren, ushering in her 80 – year – old age in the plain of life. Although the time left by the years is less and less, she has let nature take its course, peacefully, peacefully and sweetly lived every day for 80 years. She has tasted the hardships and hardships of life, but she has repaid family and friends’ affection with tolerance and gratitude, repaid her friends who cared for her in life with selfless friendship, recalled her love for beautiful love with black and white photos, and propped up the poor family with tender shoulders.. This is how the 80 – year – old mother-in-law went through the storms of her life … Who said that the 80 years of wind and rain is not a happy memory of the old man’s life! Happiness is so ordinary and simple, memories are so bitter and sweet. In private, I asked her and my mother if you had a happy life? They laughed and did not answer. Today, I found the answer and tasted the sweetness of happiness, although there are too many disappointments, too many storms and too many helplessness in our life .. But we can’t change the past, can’t predict the future, but can grasp the present. Although my son’s gift to me is insignificant, I am very satisfied, very happy and very happy … Ah, this is the best gift. In the face of the years, I give all without regret, and have a long life. Every minute of the years is always accompanied by endless anxiety and expectation. I use serenity to find the joy I lost in the years, and use my life to taste happiness and happiness..     Bless all mothers in the world with peace and happiness. Your happiness is the greatest wish of children in this life and the best happiness of children.. This article is a gift I gave to mothers to raise our mothers! Happy holidays.