Summer wounds

Before I could wipe out the thick green and fine products, the seasonal wind drifted over the summer branches, and a few yellow leaves loomed, beginning with the telling of the rain, announcing that this season can no longer wait without the fiery heat. I don’t know how long my new life will go astray, because I have lost my original innocence in that unknown expectation, and a pallor has replaced the true color of my soul..     A rain always passed through the depths of the soul by accident, dropping on the window and tapping on the heart. The cold pain suddenly swept through every corner of the soul, strolling on the campus or on the bus with sparse figures, watching the rain ravage every trace of life, as if everything had nothing to do with me, but everything seemed to be closely related to me.. Life doesn’t care about everything passing by, but the green still floating in the branches was originally a dream that I have been pursuing in my heart.!     Everyone can’t grasp their fate. In Cao Gong’s short-selling garden, those women passed through summer in the fog of the world of mortals, and ended up with’ flowers fall and people die without knowing’. Xiang Yun, who only appreciates the ” Xiangjiang River goes east to Chu Yunfei”, has a heart of forbearance under his bright and pure appearance, which conceals his lament for the worldly and misfortune in his own world and deduces his own aesthetic moment. Who has it or not?? Life is a time when the wind and rain are clear and the life itself is struggling one after another, repeating the fate of sorrow in one struggle after another, which is the mission and the initial promise.. In the reflection of the left hand and the right hand, let the paleness cover the steps once pursued.     Look at the fine lines in my hands. I don’t think whether the past persistence is a kind of sorrow or not. I don’t want to predict the future, but in the deep sea of feelings, can I still get a loving look back from you? If we can’t grasp this life, let’s drink wine and look forward to the next life. I will not be alone on the way to the next life.!     In that moment’s silence, I understood that even if it is good to pursue perfection in my life, none of us can stop the intersection of fate, just as the birth of Medea is bound to appear Pandora’s magic box, but I would rather believe that it is the embodiment of love and beauty, painful and happy.!