Maple Leaf speechless

Meet under the maple tree, the pavilion before the meet, there are flowers in the intoxicated, under the shadow of the moon has a dream, you have my pursuit and longing, there is poetic, like crazy, drunk as those who talk, there is a sequence that countless kind of timid and desire, whether that division calm and proud self-taught, with or without several never had the joy of creation and.To be honest, that life is the most beautiful peak, are now not only list of small hills, and has become an increasingly distant in the days of indifference.    Revisiting again, it just feels like the wind, rain and similar water also flows, kiosks also stay.Ready to blossom festival, Mo every year there are Qinghuang.Cream sprinkled silent leaf floating Ling, wind and light snow sticks roar.Seasons also as the birds come and grass kurong.    That season, a water park accompanied by two heart go hand in hand.Du Wu thinking love, impossible to forget those memories, vividly versa.    Ornaments on the pillars of the pavilion, was the storm took many romantic can not be copied, think of “parking Fenglin love to sit late,” it is how chic and elegant, it seems that dancing Maple Leaf, is a rare earth chant scenery.    At that time in hand, think how fun it is, how sacred.Her every move inadvertently, in my eyes is so sacred, that is blasphemy to speak much to look at, not always the same between Shun grok combined with their own feelings of nerves, very romantic, day after day, to taste enjoy.Until today, they once again put echelon appear in my mind, or the like for the first time as people as excited about good enough.    How many times, I embarrassed the scene, did not find out the hard words break the embarrassment of those words, ever let my voice tremble in your smile, but I can feel my IQ is not only should re-examine, but us heart, are happy submerged unconscious.    Because ecstasy, so that everything is moving in the embellishment of plot.Summer night, the moon pavilion edges and also into the role, using our imagination can perceive aired out in the description of conscious life, writing is so vivid, so impressive.Of course, the three old maple tree next to the children did not forget their duties, with a discreet attitude of silent footer bar, dancing with foliage, with a sincere look kind of old, and record full of mysterious circumstances affecting those who read the.Far from the neon lights like a beating on the water, just like my heart, volatility is very intense, very intent Menglong.Inside the grass coming out of music, sounds so wonderful, let the heart of the government’s first fairy bow down to it?I believe it will, otherwise, the expression of the natural world is so far not sung.Maple Leaf silent, only a heartbeat reading moonlight shadows, giving vent to feelings found out only two.This is a process of life that people confused, impulsive people, make people happy.