Be a Northeastern

Be a Northeastern Author: Light seeking glory has not been deliberately owned. Personal vision is occasionally occupied by some images. Looking at the shops along the street, there are often children crying and denouncing their elders. They are noisy in various forms and wailing loudly is waiting for the expected food to enter their mouths. Tears grow into smiles as taste buds touch the food.. Many years ago, as an adult, I didn’t think much of the food that these children claimed. I always felt that it was nothing but junk food. In several snacks that my children bought home, the solidified thinking was completely subverted. The taste was really good. I don’t believe you should try it.. May be prompted by this matter, before July this year, many people around you were not impressed by the fact that they went to Southeast Asian countries to travel, but actually came to Thailand with a tour group for a week, which had an unusual flavor.. Many years ago, Anhui people living in east China had the idea of going to northeast China early in the summer. The first was to spend the summer and the second was to feel the endless force between glaciers and under the waters.. This year, choosing to visit Thailand at the end of July in the scorching sun is not an abrupt idea, nor is it the attraction of the transvestite, sea, fruit and tropical species there, but a natural country. geographically, I appear as a northeast person and can truly feel everything there with the feelings of southerners.. The time difference between Beijing and Bangkok is one hour, which is negligible for Chinese who are accustomed to playing mobile phones. During the flight, when the female announcer arrived at the destination – Suwannabe International Airport in less skilled Chinese, it was already 3 o’clock in the night Thai time, which meant the end of the four-hour flight, and a line of 31 travelers rushed out of the station. When they took out their bags and stepped into a brand-new minibus already waiting at the exit, they felt relieved, after all, they landed safely.. At the moment of getting on the minibus, it means that everyone’s ride on the bus in the next 6 days will be stopped by the tour guide.. I like the style of the tour guide, not competing for seats everywhere in every scenic spot in China. In fact, people are still there, and the positions are still those seats, just breaking the rules once in a while when getting on and off the bus.. Near 4 o’clock in the night, a line of fellow countrymen followed the minibus safely into the Swiss Kaihuang Hotel in Bangkok. Etiquette boys introduced politely, and then folded their hands in front of their chests, saying’ Savady KaKa’ in a meaningful way.! He bent down to show his courtesy to the people in front of him, like the shadow of Buddha in a quiet night. The hotel lobby is wide and the welcome gallery hall, which is nearly 10 meters high, immediately gives some admiration to the newcomers. After handling the room cards collectively under the guidance of the tour guide, the hotel elevator has become the first difficult problem in coming to the country. After several times of thinking and understanding in the elevator, the room cards must be painted on the floor and only one floor or the first floor can be selected downstairs, which means that cardholders are not allowed to enter other floors at will. As a northerner, I naturally feel that there is an anti-theft function hidden here, although it is not convenient to contact with colleagues living on different floors, my heart still remains.. Early in the morning, when every ray of sunshine shines, every trip in a foreign country is so promising. The driver always stops his car in front of the hotel in advance and waits for him. He is dark and always silent. Every time he waits for all the passengers to be seated in the driver’s cab at the right front of the car, he slowly focuses on his work.. The young tour guide is not tall, the typical figure and skin color of Southeast Asian people are closer to us on this trip. Later, he was discovered to be Chinese through many contacts. His grandparents left a child in Thailand and he became a half – breed.. He doesn’t speak fluent Chinese with the Minnan version of the tone of voice, and his slow expression seems to be easy to depict more beautiful’ hun jokes’ every time 31 fellow passengers are urged to enter the car seat and count the number of people, China and Pakistan will start slowly, then the tour guide will pick up the microphone in the front row of independent seats to explain, without lack of local conditions and customs for Thailand, interspersed with his own feelings for the Chinese people in due course.. Thailand is a country that believe in Buddhism. about 90 % of its people believe in Buddhism. there are a lot of exquisite food, clothing, shelter and transportation. that overall terrain is relatively low – lying, high in the east and low in the west, and disasters such as secondary natural storms are hard to reach. the climate can be divided into hot season, rainy season and cool season. the fruit resources are abundant, elephants are its national treasures, and transvestite is a symbol of Thailand’s tourism industry. the key is that there are basically no anti – Chinese activists in the country.. When he introduced himself, he deliberately said his real name was Yang. Thai people should put a ” police” sound in front of his surname, which is also called P Yang. He would put his hands folded on his chest for the first time and say goodbye for the last time every day, piously saying, ” Savady Ka.”! Immediately, the whole-car traveling staff echoed: ” Savady KaKa.”! ”. The tone of each other is weak and delayed, without interruption, and the atmosphere in the whole vehicle room is as beautiful and emotional as watching the beautiful sunset and afterglow in Siam Bay on the ship’s rail while waiting for the Princess of the Orient.. Starting from Bangkok, I traveled through several provinces, starting from the Grand Palace and traveling through Pattaya, Golden House and Shamei Island … Ah, while watching the exotic scenery, I was also tasting food from other countries and even knew the local customs.. Convenient traffic is subject to the traffic on the left side of the road, the disordered wires around the square poles fail to keep cobra’s footprints, the five-night high-end accommodation cannot accommodate the intervention of a lighted cigarette and durian, but the slow pace of people’s life can go with the oldest yellow … ah. When I woke up every morning while traveling in Thailand, I never felt in another country. I was only fined for being late for unpunctuality and disobeying regulations, but 201 baht in the store could not be settled together with Alipay and baht – this is in Thailand. Diligence and kindness are the most basic wrestling factors in every country on earth. Simplicity and kindness, hospitality, happiness and happiness are human nature, while Chinese people are not conformist in their thinking patterns, which is even more admirable. It makes me realize that Chinese people in the east will eventually be strong and will certainly be strong.. Human beings have been in different shapes for thousands of years, but their internal body structure is completely equivalent. For thousands of years, sounds and words have been different, but the beautiful notes and Arabic numerals that exist have always been in everyone’s program. People’s skin has not been dyed with the same color, and their warm limbs and friendly smile are full of deep feeling. . Ah. At a certain time, many years later, I want to wait for the day when the Chinese dream will come true, and the planet will eventually come to an end: people of different skin colors will have difficulty in changing their coloring, they will surely share the same belief, use convenient weights and measures, write Chinese characters, and communicate freely in Chinese, .. August 10, 2017